Serve with Us

We want God to use our church and our lives to make a real difference in this world. We work together hand-in-hand with local agencies and other churches to serve those living in and around the Hico area. Every month we sponsor a fresh food pantry with help from Tarrant Services and Hamilton United Care. Our involvement with the Hico Activities Center serves area senior citizens. We provide emergency assistance through the quiet hands of H3. Our Back-to-school and after-school programs serve area families with school aged children. Our youth mission trips feed two birds with one hand, enriching the lives they serve while enriching our youth's faith journey as well.  

The Pantry Express

Pantry Express is normally the first Friday of each month. It is a well coordinated collaborative effort between FUMC of Hico United Care of Hamilton County, Helping Hands of Hico, the Tarrant County Food Bank, the Hico Activities Center, and local retail grocers and meat markets. we are happy to assist in United Care of Hamilton's primary goal to end hunger in the county.  

???Link to the partner's websites for more information? for the First Monday registration and qualification information?

Senior Citizens

The Hico Activity Center

is a city supported facility for local events primarily targeted at senior citizens, Our congregation supports their efforts both financially and actively by our participation in their Meals on Wheels outreach, Monthly Pot Luck, Food Pantry, the Pickin' Circle, and more.

The Center is currently closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Link to their website for their updates and calendar???

Weekly Worship

Every Monday at 11:00 am, Pastor Don and other volunteers lead a worship service at the Hico Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. This is a special time of connection between the residents, our congregation, and our God.  

Emergency Assistance

H3, Helping Hands of Hico

is a part of the Hico Ministerial Alliance that meets monthly at our church. H3 provides food, fuel, and housing to those in need passing through or residing in our community.

Link to more info? how to receive help? etc.

After School

TOWG: Time Out With God

This program provides for families with school age children, K-5th grades, a safe place and  enriching activities that include music, arts/crafts, interactive story times, games, snacks. and free play. The goal of this charming program is to help children grow their social and emotional skills in a loving Christian atmosphere. 

Link to learn  more, registration, and current Covid-19 status ???

Vacation Bible School

Either in-person or virtual, we continue to offer this beloved traditional summer program. Last summer, we delivered a virtual program due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Focused on whole family participation, the program was rich in worshipping, learning and playing together.

We hope to gather in-person this coming summer. 

Link to children and family page- To learn more, registration, etc. 

Youth Missions

Our Community

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The Greater Community

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UMC Local and Global Missions and Outreach

Pastor Don info about what our church directly supports? Link to the main UMC website missions etc???