FUMC Hico "Connection Crews"

This new program is intended to draw us together in service to God and in relation to each other so as to deepen our discipleship.

As disciples of Christ, we are purposefully invitational to those beyond the church so that they may share in and experience God's love themselves. In phase 2, each crew meets independently while having full gatherings on a regular basis. 

A new "Sojourners Crew" will meet Wednesday nights at 6:30 in our Fellowship Hall beginning in November. This crew will grow in discipleship through study, discussion and prayer. 

Look through the list, click on the links to send and email for more information.

  • Outreach Crew

    This crew develops and maintains contact with new visitors to our church family, answering questions and making sure they feel welcomed and loved. 

  • Handy Persons Crew

    This is a crew of folks who like to work with their hands and know how to use some tools. There is never a shortage of minor fixes and upgrades to our buildings to be done. We want God's house to look and function at its best. 

  • Visitation Crew

    There are some members of our church and community who can no longer get out and about. Some stay in touch by watching our service live online but still need to know they are part of our family. This crew makes phone calls, personal visits and phone calls those homebound or disabled. 

  • Community Service Crew

    We are involved in many community activities such as the Back to School Fair, Pantry Express, Worship in the Park, Holiday parades and festivals. This crew exists to help our church more involved and more inviting through service to the Hico area. 

  • Tech Crew

    Computers and technology are important aids to worship and ministry. This crew helps prepare graphics for Sunday worship, runs audio and video for our live streams and helps with our online presence. A desire to learn is the only pre-requisite.

  • Hospitality Crew

    When people first visit a church they often feel uncomfortable and out of place. This crew is called to make every Sunday morning visitor feel welcome and part of our family by giving directions, answering questions and offering a warm smile. 

  • Decor Crew

    The ambience of our worship space and buildings should reflect the creativity of our loving creator. This crew works together to beautify our sanctuary and gathering areas with creative decorations for the seasons. 

  • Sojourners Crew

    Faith is a journey that we travel together as a group. We are intentionally moving forward towards a deeper relationship with Christ. All are welcome to this study crew each Wednesday at 6:30 in our Fellowship Hall.